NanJing GUYI Technology Co., Ltd.
Professionally Commit ourselves to Instruments and Meters

About Us

The Nanjing GUYI Technology Co., LTD Professionally commit ourselves to instruments and meters

The business activities are to provide test equipment and test solution  in
electronic , automatic , communication industry.

We sell products of Tektronix¡¢ LeCroy¡¢ Fluke¡¢Agilent¡¢Weller¡¢AMETEK¡¢ Chroma¡¢JDSU¡¢GwINSTEK¡¢ Wiha¡¢KIKUSUI Etc. Such as Oscilloscopes,  Multimeter, Signal generator ,  Net work Analysis , Frequency meter, Power, LCR, Grapher

To develop and maintain long term partnership with customers and suppliers by providing best quality , service and support in China market through a great energetic, enthusiastic and high motivated local professional team.

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